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25 Things Not to Miss in Armenia

Are you planning a visit to Armenia? There are so many things to see in Armenia. And here is the list of 25 top attractions in Armenia not to miss if you are in the country. We will help you to find out the must see places in Yerevan and some awesome activities to do in Armenian Marzes. 


On the roads of Armenia 

1. Garni is a standing 1st century Greco-Roman colonnaded temple one of a kind in the entire Post Soviet countries.

2. Garni Gorge is of the natural wonders of Armenia, also listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Here is the Symphony of Stones; cliff walls with basalt columns.

3. Not far from Garni temple is located another UNESCO world heritage site; 4th and 13th century Monastery complex Geghard.

4. Etchmiadzin Cathedral is a 4th century church and the first Christian church in the world. From its foundation till the 5th century, and starting from 1441 Etchmiadzin is the seat of all Armenian Catholicos; spiritual leader of the Armenian church. Etchmiadzin is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site.

5. Not far from Etchmiadzin is situated the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral. Build in the 7th century it served as the main seat of Catholicos until it was destroyed in the 10th century. The ruins of Zvartnots are in the UNESCO world heritage sites list.

6. Situated in Aragatsotn Marz, Saghmosavanq is a 13th century monastery complex built by prince Vache Vachutyan.

7. To celebrate 1600 year of creation of Armenian Alphabet in 2005 Armenian Alphabet Monument with the statue of St. Mesrop Mashtots was installed not far from the city Aparan. This stone alphabet is made of famous Armenian tufa.

8. Built in the 10th century the ruins of Amberd fortress is located 2,300m (7,500ft) above the sea level, on the slope of Aragats Mountain.

9. Former prison and monastery since the 7th century, Khor Virap is famous as Gregory the Illuminator, the first official Catholicos of Armenian Apostolic church, was imprisoned here for 14 years in the 3rd century.

10. Another UNESCO world heritage site is located in Lori Marz. Sanahin and Haghpat Monastery Complexes are built in the 10th century and were key centers for culture and education.

Sanahin and Haghpat Monastery Complexes

If you are looking for some active rest, then check out these 5 things to do in Armenia.

11. For those who love skiing and snowboarding Tsaghkadzor is the best choice. This is a small town with many offers for sports lovers.

12. Lake Sevan is waiting those who prefer water sports. Here you can try jet-ski and wind-surf, ride a boat or just swim in the crystal blue waters of the lake.

13. Are you hiking and trekking lover? If you’re nodding your head up and down, then Dilijan National Park is just for you. The main trail network here, which is also connected to Transcaucasian trail, is more than 80km (49,7m) long. You can also try to conquer Armenian mountains.

14. Paragliding lovers can try to soar in the sky by jumping from Hatis or Gutan Mountains. You can also try to fly over Lake Sevan and enjoy the fresh air and the sweet smell of the water.

15. If you are not a professional, it will never hinder you in Armenia. Yell Extreme Park offers extreme sports even to those who are not professional. Here you can try Zip-Line, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, paintball and so on.

And here we are in Yerevan, the pink capital. There are many interesting places in Yerevan, catch the top 10.

16. If you are in Yerevan, you must visit Republic Square with “Singing Fountain”, “The National Gallery of Armenia” and “The History Museum of Armenia”. The buildings around the square are made of tufa, which is gracefully engraved.

17. Want to look over the city from a high level? Cascade a giant stairway is right in the city center. It connects the center with the Victory Park. The view over the city from the top of the stairway are breathtaking.


18. Cascade has a little big secret. It is surrounded by art pieces from all over the world in and around it. The Cafesjian Museum of Art is located right on, in and around the stairway. 

19. Matenadaran is a temple of world culture and the richest center of manuscripts. Here are preserved unique collection of books in Greek, Latin, Arabic and so on.

20. To taste the brandy that was so much liked by Churchill you should visit Ararat Brandy Factory.

21. If you are traveling with children in Armenia, then you should defiantly visit the attractions within Victory Park and of course The Children Railway Park.

22. To feel the Armenian spirit, you should visit the “Open Air Gallery” in Vernissage. This is an open air market where you can find almost everything.

23. One of the places of interest in Yerevan especially during spring and summer time is its fountains. You can visit the 2800 Fountains shows free of charge near Yerevan City Hall and the Seasons café and restaurant.

National Assembly of Armenia

24. You can visit the parks of the National Assembly of Armenia and the Seat of the President. The gaits are open to these parks to all the visitors.

25.  To pay tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide you should visit Tsitsernakaberd and lay flowers at the eternal flame. There is also the Genocide Museum near the memorial. 

To discover the hidden corners of this miraculous country rent a car in Armenia with Alamo and drive away to feel the spirit of ancient culture and hospitable people.

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25 Things Not to Miss in Armenia